Lack of space was a constrain for the development activities which lead to the construction of a three storied building in the year 2005. But the urge for space still remains and we have planned the construction of a multi storied building adjacent to the existing building with a total plinth area of 12,500 sq.ft at an estimated expense of Two Crores. we hope with the completion of this building, we can extend the services to a wider spectrum.

The additional building works are expected to be completed within two years, which will help to accommodate more people and extend our services to the following areas,

1) We intend to start a daycare center, for the old aged and physically disabled people, under the name Pakalveed which will be of help for the aged parents of employed people.

2) We intend to provide free transportation to the hospitals, especially RCC, and back home for people of the institution and other poor people. We are this in need of an ambulance and a staff (driver) for meeting this purpose of which the monthly expenses and maintenance shall be met by the authority of the home.